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Garden of Fertility Book CoverHonoring Our CyclesIn her books, The Garden of Fertility (2004) and Honoring Our Cycles (2006), Katie Singerintroduces Fertility Awareness (also called Natural Family Planning).With these methods, a woman who charts her temperature and cervical mucus can know when she is fertile and infertile. A woman who charts her fertility signs can also know whether she is ovulating or miscarrying. You can learn remedies for problems like Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and fertility.

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Gay, The Elusive Embryo: How Women and Men Approach New Reproductive Technologies. University of California Press, 2000. An exceptional (and readable) anthropological study, based on hundreds of interviews about being named "infertile," not feeling "normal," and consumers' psychological and physical experiences when new reproductive technologies do and don't work. A must for anyone considering Clomid or IVF. To read a chapter, go to

Kahn, Susan Martha, Reproducing Jews: A Cultural Account of Assisted Conception in Israel, Duke University Press, 2000. Israel has more fertility clinics per capita than any other country in the world, and the highest per capita rate of in-vitro fertilization procedures. Fertility treatments are fully subsidized by national health insurance, and available to all Israelis. Kahn's book is an amazing ethnographic study of the thinking that created and now goes along with the Israeli embrace of new reproductive technologies. If you would like to research the possible hazards of a pharmaceutical drug or procedure, go to this website; and at the box, type in the subject you would like to research and [majr]. [majr] will call up the major studies. For example, type in oral contraceptives/adverse effects[majr]; or Clomid/adverse effects[majr].

Turiel, Judith Steinberg, Beyond Second Opinions: Making Choices About Fertility Treatment. University of California Press, 1998. Judith Steinberg Turiel, a consumer health activist and a veteran herself of fertility treatments, exposes the risks, errors, and distortions surrounding fertility medicine. Her book is also an authoritative guide for people seeking treatment. It provides hard data on diagnoses and treatments. Please read this book before you seek reproductive technology!

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